Nurturing a Culture and Environment for Innovation

Introducing Design Thinking
Introducing Google Ventures Design Sprint Method

Resilence over Strength
Compasses over Maps
Practice over Theory
Diversity over Ability
Emergence over Authority
Disobedience over Compliance
Risk over Safety
Pull over Push
Systems over Objects

Environment – Innovation Lab

Cafe Racer Project

I wanted to explore a subject matter that I was not necessary an expert in and build inspiration for others to pick up seemingly far-reached projects and take them on. I took a chance on building creative confidence over a challenging and unfamiliar hands-on project and built my first knowledge base prototype.

I wanted to create a circumstance where most would give up and where I would receive a lot of negative feedback. I wanted to learn. I wanted to move beyond my comfort zone to grow and evolve.

I am now more proficient in understanding the mechanics of tearing something fairly complex down and building it back up with significant improvements.

I love what I built. I blasted past limits that few people are brave enough to even attempt, as well as, form a stronger can-do mindset.

From re-wiring electrical systems to MIG weld fabricating, new tools were picked up and the process I journeyed through is documented and shareable for others to iterate and improve upon.

International Disaster Relief

I had the opportunity to provide on-the-ground disaster relief services in the 2010 Haiti earthquake. That was the beginning.

From 2010 – 2015, I helped serve the needs of over 700,000 people in 8 international disaster relief campaigns by coordinating roadmap research, development, and navigation of 12 high-impact disaster relief projects with a team of 400 multinational donors, 11 strategic alliances, 9 on-site specialists, 24 local beneficiaries and the establishment of $1M in charitable resources.

I established a consistent fundraising portal with the help of the Compassionate Service Society community and later developed social impact training workshops, innovative ways for donors to collaborate, and discussion forums for those interested in the work we did to help those affected by 2011 Japan Tsunami, 2012 Somalia Drought, 2012 Superstorm Sandy, 2013 Typhoon Haiyan, 2014 Ebola Crisis, 2015 Nepal Earthquake.

Early on, I learned how to amplify excitement for program impact and built donor involvement with charity initiatives by storytelling 20 in-the-field public relation reports and allowing follower interaction through social media.

This eventually branched off to a personal project with my twin brother where we decided to utilize our birthday and let our friends and family have the ability to be a part of the impact in fundraising for educational tools and supplies to a high school in rural Kenya.

Augmented Intelligence Project

Existence Mapping