Design Thinking

Hello there! My name is Quang Nguyen. Please feel free to call me Q.

Innovator with hands-on experience addressing complex design challenges through human-centered design thinking, 10x idea generation, radical team collaboration, and rapid prototyping iteration. Led and mentored interdisciplinary teams towards gaining empathy with users, pushing creative emotional intelligence boundaries, and surfacing elegant opportunities outside comfort zones. Thrives off the curious and adventurous energy created when diverse minds come together and novel means of placing users first, exploring complex problems, testing opportunities, and working towards future new and better solutions are taken on.

InVision, Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Analytics and Drive, Mural, Slack, Basecamp

3D Printing, Laser Cutting, MIG Welding, Angle Grinding, Low-resolution Rapid Prototyping

Book Library:
Sprint, Make Space, How Google Works, Creating Innovators, Whiplash, inGenius, Think Wrong, Creative Confidence, Be Our Guest, Radical Candor, Jugaad Innovation, The Design of Everyday Things, Good to Great, Weird Ideas That Work, Moments of Impact, Lean Startup, Essentialism, Give and Take, Gear Up, Solving Product Design Exercises, Self-Efficacy, Flow, Getting to Yes, The Art of the Start, Change by Design, Improv Wisdom, Creativity Inc, Breakthrough Thinking, Design a Better Business, This is Service Design Thinking, The Ten Faces of Innovation, Everything is Obvious, Innovating, Creative Workshop, Designing Your Life, Rapid Viz

International Travel:
10-year multiple-entry China business visa (expires 6/2/2027)
5-year multiple-entry India business visa (expires 7/22/2022)

Please feel free to reach out to me!

T: 714-900-2047